Aruba Support

Being 100% focussed on IT support solutions, Data-Shield has the in-house in-depth knowledge and skill set that allows us to support your hardware past HPE/Aruba EOL.

Our highly trained team of expert engineers can maintain your post warranty HPE/Aruba products, ensuring they continue to operate at peak performance. We are proud to deliver the same quality of service you expect from HPE/Aruba OEM support, whilst extending product life of your HPE/Aruba equipment. Data-Shield will support your HPE/Aruba hardware until you are ready to replace it, not when HPE/Aruba declare their EOL date. That’s where Data-Shield’s support comes in, providing a solution that helps you extract the maximum service out of every piece of kit, enabling you to maximise your return on investment and improve your company profitability.

  • Maximum return on investment for the Aruba products in your data centre.
  • Customizable support level agreements, including 4-hour onsite service.
  • Flexible term contracts, allowing you to tailor your support right up until the day you upgrade.
  • Combined multi-vendor support options to ensure all of your assets are covered, simplifying the maintenance contract management process all in one place.
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