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Formed in 2004 by a core of senior technical staff from leading storage and networking vendors, Data-Shield has grown to become one of the UK's largest providers of multi-vendor Storage Area Networks and Data Centre Connectivity Support.

Working with both end-user customers and IT solution providers, Data-Shield provides the specialist expertise necessary to support your mission critical equipment and deliver a reliable yet cost-effective solution.

Data-Shield specialises in data centre connectivity solutions, providing a range of maintenance and support services to large data centre enterprise customers and IT service providers. Through our extensive expertise in both legacy and current generation data centre networking technologies, our clients can maximise the value of complex IT infrastructure and migrate to new architectures with confidence.

As a third-party maintenance provider, Data Shield specialises in data centre maintenance for server, storage and networking equipment. We meet the need for post-warranty support solutions by helping IT professionals reduce costs and experience an outstanding level of user-friendly service.

Our Mission

When your hardware fails, it can have an immediate impact on productivity, operations and profitability. It is our mission to minimise disruption with our experienced, well-resourced IT support team to quickly respond and fix any hardware issues. Data-Shield aim to extend the life of SAN Switches & Directors with flexible maintenance support contracts. We are experts at maintaining hardware and we pride ourselves on premium support and professional account management; whilst offering low costs. Our expert engineers and exceptional quality parts will ensure that your hardware is operating at optimum levels.

Brands We Support

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Our Expertise

Among our staff, we have consultants, support and implementation specialists with decades of deep technical expertise on a wide range of equipment.

This position allows us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of unbiased IT support solutions technical consultancy, implementation and maintenance services across networking, storage and security on behalf of data centres. Our technical teams hold over 43 specialist technical qualifications and skills sets that are of value to enterprise customers, service providers and local government organisations.

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Our Skills & Certifications

ADVA Certifications
  • ADVA FSP 2000 Certified Installation & Service Technician
  • ADVA FSP 500 Certified Installation & Service Technician
  • ADVA FSP-I Certified Installation & Service Technician
  • ADVA FSP-II Certified Installation & Service Technician
Brocade Certifications
  • Brocade Level 2 support capability for DCX Data Center Backbone, Fabric OS, EFCM and Fabric Manager
  • Brocade Level 2 support for Brocade 300, 5100, and 5300
  • Brocade Certified Fabric Professional
  • Brocade Level 2 support for 7500 multi protocol router
CCNA Certifications
  • CCNA 2 Routing and Routing Basics
  • CCNA 4 WAN Technologies
  • CCNA 1 Networking Basics
  • CCNA 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
Ciena Certifications
  • Ciena CN2000 Certified Installation & Service Technician
  • Ciena CN4200 Certified Installation & Service Technician
CNT Certifications
  • CNT ChanneLink Installation & Service Engineer
  • CNT Edge3000 Installation & Service Technician
  • CNT UMD Advanced Service Workshop
  • CNT USD-X Installation & Service Technician
Data Domain Certifications
  • Data Domain Implementation Engineer (EMCIE)
Dataswitch Certifications
  • Dataswitch 1800/2400/3600 Switch Installation/Service
EMC Certifications
  • EMC Platform Engineer EMCPE Clariion
  • EMC Platform Engineer EMCPE VNX & VNX2
HD Converter Certifications
  • HD Converter System Service Training
InRange Certifications
  • InRange 8200 Series Installation and Service Training
  • InRange CD9000 Administration Expert
  • InRange FC9000 Administration Expert
  • InRange 9801 SNS Installation/Service
  • InRange CD9000 Installation/Service Technician
  • InRange FC9000 Installation & Service Technician
McData Certifications
  • McData Certified Fabric Professional
  • McData IP SAN Implementer
PR203 Certifications
  • PR203 (7500 multi protocol router) Technician
PVSN Certifications
  • PVSN Application & Probe Training

SANbox2 Certifications
  • SANbox2 technical expert
Telenex Certifications
  • Telenex 2700 Matrix Switch Maintenance & Troubleshooting expertise
Xiotech Certifications
  • Xiotech Advanced CXE
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With over 15 years of industry leading support, we ensure that as a business our clients receive experienced advice focused on what their business needs are. Our offices are strategically located to allow us to service our clients quickly and efficiently, offering a global reach. Founded in 2004 Data-Shield is a leading UK based Third Party Maintenance business, our strategically located engineers, stock locations, partners & IT consultants allow us to meet competitive service level agreements effectively and rapidly wherever your organisation operates. We constantly review our engineering standards and stock locations to ensure they are aligned with your needs. Where necessary, we provide on-site spares parts for critical hardware elements.
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